36% men, 64% women
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Of employees are
Total average age
Total surface area in five locations
Clean rooms (5 production areas)
Clean rooms
EN ISO 14644-1


Qura is actually (May 2022) employing 135 people (125 directly and 10 subcontracting).
Total surface areas is around 6800 sqm (offices, clean rooms, warehouses) in four different locations, with 5 clean rooms for a total area of 1250 sqm.
The device Production is carried out completely in Clean Rooms ISO Class 8 according with EN ISO 14644-1.


More than 60% of QURA workforce is composed of women and total average age is 36 years.

Working passionately and striving for a quick clinical implementation of medical technologies to improve patient care

Aiming at delivering meaningful innovation to provide the highest level of therapies

Achieving results with teamwork, individual actions and responsibilities

Vision &

When you see something clever that works, you don’t mind if it took time to develop it, if it took energy and passion, if it needed dedication, if you had to learn something new from an inevitable failure.
When you see something clever killing the pain, restoring the health and saving lives of patients; you realize how big the difference is between thinking about new extraordinary products and realizing them.
If you are going to do something, do something that matters: from the very rough concept, through the smallest details, till the impossible becomes possible. Because all of us at Qura know that every single detail counts.
Daniele Galavotti


“Design and produce world-class medical devices with an outstanding quality level by moving cutting-edge technologies from benchtop to bedside, to offer advanced therapeutic solutions.”


Daniele GalavotTI

Chief Executive Officer

Daniele Galavotti is the CEO and co-founder of Qura. Daniele has 35 years of experience in the design, development and assessment of medical devices used in cardiopulmonary, ozone-therapy, oncology and bio-artificial cell-based therapies, in companies ranging from large corporations to start ups. He has valuable experience in material technologies, functional coatings, design of disposables devices used in extracorporeal circulation, membrane technologies for oxygenation, non-invasive disposable blood monitoring system

Lorenzo Ghidoni

Chief Financial Officer

Lorenzo Ghidoni is the CFO and co-founder of Qura. Lorenzo has over 29 years of experience in the medical device sector, with key competences in both finance and sales. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and spent most of his career in business controlling, cost accounting and administration; in addition, he brings 7 years of experience in sales of medical devices.

Caterina Turrisi

Chief Technical Officer

Caterina Turrisi is the CTO and co-founder of Qura. Holding a PhD in Bioengineering, Caterina has 13 years of experience in design, development and assessment of medical devices and implantables in cardiac surgery and bio-artificial cell-based therapies, with a deep knowledge of materials, technologies and advanced solutions for medical devices.

Steve Turner

Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Medical

Steve Turner is the CEO, co-founder and majority owner of Spectrum Medical. Steve’s passion for cutting edge technology and his experience in business management has allowed him to grow successful international companies ranging from aircraft control systems to semiconductor plants. Since 2005 Steve has been fully committed to the healthcare sector.

Mark Drain

Chief Financial Officer of Spectrum Medical

Mark Drain is the CFO and co-founder of Spectrum Medical. After qualifying in practice Mark has held senior finance positions in a number of industries as diverse as Oil Field Services, Aerospace and Automotive. Since 1998 Mark has worked alongside Steve, building a number of world class technology businesses.


Spectrum medical is the global leader in Perfusion Systems and EMR Systems

Spectrum Medical philosophy: “What we do is never second best, and what we have done is never good enough”. This simple statement conceptualizes Spectrum Medical’s passion for innovation, continuous development and its total commitment to the improvement of both patient outcomes and patient safety.

QUANTUM Perfusion

  • Quantum Thermal Technologies
  • Quantum Perfusion Technologies
  • Quantum HLMs & ECMO Systems
  • Non-Invasive Diagnostic
  • Monitoring Systems

QUANTUM Informatics

  • Informatics Solutions for Perfusion, ECMO & the Cardiac ICU
  • EMR Solutions for Anaesthesia (AIMS) and Nursing Documentation


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Ethics and Social responsibility

Qura recognises the importance of ethical and social values in work and business: consequently, it is committed to a sound and responsible management of its activities and those of its social partners, while respecting the community to which it belongs.