Company profile

Qura is a knowledge-based company, established in November 2015, primarily involved in the development of innovative technologies and devices.


Qura is actually (February 2020) employing 60 people (50 direct and 10 indirect).


Total surface areas is around 3300 sqm (offices, clean rooms, warehouses) in four different locations, with two clean rooms for a total area of 750 sqm.
The device Production is carried out completely in Clean Rooms ISO Class 8 according with EN ISO 14644-1.


Almost 50% of QURA workforce is composed of women and total average age is 36 years.

Working passionately and striving for a quick clinical implementation of medical technologies to improve patient care,
Aiming at delivering meaningful innovation to provide the highest level of therapies
Achieving results with teamwork, individual actions and responsibilities