Blood Pumps

A wide range of blood centrifugal pump with improved designs, where magnetically suspended impeller offers outstanding performances in terms of durability, low blood trauma impact and minimized priming volumes. Specific solutions for standard and long-term applications are specifically covering all patient population.


We are convinced that critical patients need to be supported better than how present technologies have done so far. Our goal is to overcome the limitations of the present perfusion technologies, by improving biocompatibility, reducing the inflammatory response, providing heparin free circuits and eliminating the gaseous micro-emboli. Our solutions will deliver innovations bringing the performances to an unmatched level that will open possibilities to treat the critical patients more efficiently and impacting the operator’s management less.


Dual Lumen Cannula:

Quantum Perfusion Dual Lumen Cannula allows for venous drainage and reinfusion of blood via the internal jugular vein during extracorporeal life support procedures lasting up to 6 hours.

The device exploits a single site insertion which reduces the invasiveness of extracorporeal procedures. It is inserted via the right internal jugular vein. Blood is drained through the lumen of the outer catheter and returned through the lumen of the inner catheter. The device features multiple inflow openings in the outer catheter limiting the circulation of unoxygenated blood.


Arterial Cannula Graft

Quantum Perfusion Arterial Cannula Graft provides up to 7lpm of blood flow with the addition of a side port that can accept up to 9 French. This side port can be used for LV Venting, endo-clamping, cardioplegia delivery devices, PCI, IABP and other imaging or procedures that need easy access. The system has an access site designed purposefully to allow safe entry and removal of appropriately sized catheters into the high-pressure blood lines.


A complete portfolio of disposable heat exchangers specifically designed to work in combination with the new Spectrum Medical heater cooler, responding to the mycobacteria Chimaera infections issue. Minimizing the priming volume, the pressure drops and saving the aseptic pathways both for the blood and for the heat transfer fluid, our system will be the unique water free solution in the field.


The Quantum SuperPAC is an uncompromising combination of innovative sterile technologies and key system within Spectrum Medical’s Quantum Perfusion strategy. What makes the SuperPAC  different to current available circuits is the revolutionary approach to word first innovation and its integration with Spectrum Medical’s Quantum CPB & Informatic Technologies. The Elimination of Gaseous Microemboli, Improved Gross Air Management, Minimal time to prime, anti-Thrombotic Strategies, no Blood-Re-Circulation, low hemolysis and low heat generation, lowest pressure drops, minimal blood contacting surface area, integrated pressure and temperature management and durable Biocompatibility coating.